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My car finally has a back windshield for the first time since September.

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its not that hard to get a job

an adult who has had the same job for over 20 years (via obesitycore)

I think you mean “an adult who has had the same job for over 20 years and is about to get punched in the mouth by a jobless twenty-something”

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Zelena/The Wicked Witch of the West worked for Warehouse 9???

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My mom comes back to my room and just out of the blue says “Steve says it would take 2-3 hours to do it, so what we could do is take it there and leave it while we do our running around town tomorrow.”

And then she gets upset when I don’t have a clue who Steve is or what she wants him to do.

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no go away

no go away

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I just watched the Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct from this morning.

Who do I write to at Nintendo of America to get my 11 minutes back?

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Windows XP usage in USA

Finally something Mississippi isn’t dead last in….

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  1. Felicia Day: Do you think George Lucas personally approved this [Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles]?
  2. Ryon Day: No he wasn't because this is actually kinda good.
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TableTop Day in Clinton, Mississippi


Held at a very gracious local coffee house, Cups, the meetup was well attended and went very well. We had about 20 gamers tthroughoutthe day with games running constantly. Small World was first, and also played were Alien Frontiers, Thunderstone epic mode, Star Realms, Cards Against Humanity, Coup, Saboteur, and Lords of Waterdeep+Skullport to finish the day. Everyone who came said they’d love it to be a regular thing, so we will probably be trying a monthly or bi-monthly meetup at the same location in the future.Exploiting Alien Frontiers

Holy crap!! If I had known this was going on in Clinton I might have gone.